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‘’ Porque sí ‘’ is a Spanish term which means ‘’ because I say so ‘’ It is a strongly conceptual project based on a narrative which is read visually by both research and collage methods. 

My aim is to break the sharp answer ‘’because I say so’’.Making  clear that it is simply the easy way out. Everything has a reason or story behind. Taking inexpressive images and banal shots scenes from Stephen Shore’s photography as my main inspiration I have managed to create my own story and only after, take a shot to the outfit designed in context with the story.I want to disarrange the accumulated tension on the fake stillness of the images, to find out the action that causes this reaction, and I want to suggest that ‘’because’’ is just an illusion created by us.

''Dr.Schultz diagnosed me with agoraphobia 31 winters ago, since that moment I have just been breathing my aunties little room’s air in Barcelona. I have become part of it.''

Photography Celia Rollán

Hair+ Make up+ Styling + clothes Celia Rollán

Model Adriana Faixó

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