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This is a hyppothetical project for Céline’s womenswear SS2017 collection.  After having genuinely studied the brand, I dare say that Céline’s patterns are reduced, delicate and pure with a characteristic creativity intrinsic to the brand. With this collection, I aim to rip off in the most delicate and pure way, Céline’s delicacy and purity. Comparing as follows, to a clean and virgin wall that has been later modificated for example by graffity, posters, sickers or dampness among others. Those modifications are the ones I aim to do to her designs. The collection counts with reverse seams to give to understand that on the inside is clean and on the outside is not, as an unwrapped wall. Holes, fringes, under layers and mixed tetures are examples of ‘‘ Unwrapped Céline’’


Photography Adriana Faixo

Hair+ Make up+stylist+ clothes Celia Rollán

Model Mireia Oriol

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